Modern Research Methods of Bionanoagents

Modern Research Methods of Bionanoagents

The international scientific conference "Modern Research Methods of Bionanoagents" is organized by Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University and Georgian Technical University.

The goal of the international conference is improve and popularize long-term innovation potential in Georgia. The conference will facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration (bio-medical and biophysics, physical research, information technology and systems), as well as exchange of research and innovative products, knowledge and ideas.

The scientific and innovative achievements presented during the conference will help to turn the creative ideas, methods and tools developed into innovative products.

The goal of the conference is to bring researchers' ideas closer and to strengthen collaborative activities in areas such as: optical spectroscopy, laser and molecular physics, information technologies and systems, as well as to promote the introduction of new biophysical and biomedical methods.

The topic of the conference is to study the properties of nanoscale virus-like particles, to evaluate the basic concept and vibrational / oscillating properties, to develop a completely new method, to identify a unique "imprint" of pathogenic microorganisms, especially viruses.

The study of the characteristics and specific properties of virus-like particles has a greater potential for the development of new concepts of biomolecule detection and perception, observation of the macro / micro environment, medical diagnostics and treatments.

The ability to detect individual virus-like particles rapidly, directly, and selectively can have a significant impact on health, improve clinical decisions, and lead to better health outcomes.

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